Why Smart Companies Are Investing In SEO

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Statistically speaking, about 70 percent of all links that are clicked on through search engine sites are natural. What this basically means is that the sponsored ads that are located at the top of these rankings are ignored by all but 30 percent of the online population. This is scary news for the corporations that have paid good money to sponsor links and pages on these search results, and it increasingly is driving these companies away from using these online marketing tools to broaden online sales efforts in favor of more organic solutions like search engine optimization, or Seo. But this fact is not the only one that gets recognition by companies today.

Another fact that is driving companies away from other Internet marketing solutions and right into the arms of SEO providers is the much higher closing rate that comes with utilizing SEO. Leads generated through SEO possess an average closing rate of 14.6 percent, whereas closing rates for other types of methods like cold calling, like direct mail, and like print based advertising are closer to just 1.7 percent. This huge difference is leading to common sense decisions by companies to forget what they have been doing and outsource seo to professionals who know what they are doing.

Service providers and retailers that are visible in online environments also report that about 39 percent or more of their customers come right from search services. Other companies that are just coming online now or that are realizing the potential that the Internet has to drive results and more profits are following the lead of these retailers and service providers by using SEO as a very specific tool to both let consumers know they exist and boost their profiles through being ranked higher on these search engine specific sites. Seeing as how 88.1 percent of web users aged 14 and older browse for products or research them online before making purchases, these retailers and providers of services are wise to start investing their marketing dollars into SEO.

SEO is somewhat related to other areas of the web as well like social media, where 94 percent of the marketing professionals who work in social media consistently track their clients’ followers and fans. This makes companies that have not focused all that much on their social media efforts a little nervous. But fortunately, once they find SEO providers that handle both arenas they usually are pretty satisfied with their improved online presences.

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