Six Great SEO Reseller Approaches

How to make money reselling seo

Every business today wants to know the secret to capturing the users who are initiating the 100 billion global internet searches being conducted each month. In a world where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most talked about advertising and marketing techniques, the 6 Great SEO Reseller Approaches boil down to one simple word: CONTENT

  • C Content. This is defined as any written text that can be expressed through speech, writing, or any of various arts. In the SEO world, this content is written. And the vast amounts of it are written in 300 to 500 word packages.
  • O Organic. This isn’t just a label the tree huggers are looking for on the produce and other groceries that they are buying. This also refers to homegrown, or home written content. Organic content is a story or a list that is created for a specific customer. By employing a number of writers from a variety of locations across the country, the companies that use the 6 great SEO reseller approaches know that they need to create content that is of interest to the reader, but will at the same time, direct this reading internet user to the sites that you are trying to promote.
  • N New. One of the reasons that the 6 great SEO reseller approaches work is that the organic content that is being created is always new. Sure the keywords are recycled and the real facts that are included in the articles are sometimes the same, but by hiring a significant number of writers for these tasks you can insure that what was being written yesterday will quickly be replaced by the new material that is written today.
  • T Timely. Not to be confused with new, timely SEO content makes use of what is going on the day that it is written. If, for example, you are writing organic content for an office supply store in the months of July and August, you most surely will be writing about back to school supplies. If that same office store is an SEO customer of yours in the spring, you may create content about the same supplies, but this time write about how these items will make great Easter basket presents. Timely writing focuses on what is going on in the news or what is on the calendar.
  • E Enjoyable. Realizing the short attention spans of many of the internet users you hope your content will attract, you have to make the reading enjoyable. No one has to read what you write, so you create content that is enjoyable and of interest.
  • N Never. This focuses on what market research has proven that internet users almost never do. For example, the majority of internet users never look past the first page of search engine results. To be specific, 75% of users never scroll past one. Another thing they almost never do is fall for the obvious trick, the paid advertisement. Nearly 70% to 80% of users completely ignore the paid ads.
  • T Trailer. Different SEO companies may call this extra item different things, but trailer is a good explanation. Just like movie trailers encourage you to come back for more, an SEO trailer is one extra slide in a list that may not make sense, but often tempts the user to enter another list of clickable information.

Over 100 billion global searches being conducted each month, make sure you are following these tips to get more than your fair share of that traffic.

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